Custom Heirloom Design

1. Introduction

Originally owned by her grandmother, our client wished to set all seven heirloom diamonds from five different pieces of jewelry - into one significant piece.

2. Design Process

We wanted to create a WOW ring to bounce the other dainty rings she already owned.

Our goal was to create a nice finger coverage in feel and brilliant flare in look.

We also wanted to give more volume to the small diamonds, therefore we set them in a mix of bezel & prongs settings.

3. Final Result

A ring designed from two thin yellow gold bands, joined together in a beaufiful balance, where the diamonds are the center of attention.

We obviuosly used the same diamonds from the old pieces of jewelry.

The problem was -they were not all in the same color grade, so we designed the ring where the diamonds would be placed in clusters of similar color grades - to avoid the visible distration.