Custom Engagement Design


Congratulations on your engagement! If you are overwhelmed and unfamiliar with diamonds, you have come to the right place. This is a very important purchase you are about to make, so it is okay to feel stressed and confused–  there are a lot of options! We hope our guide below, The Yama Method, will ease your stress and lead you to find the perfect ring. Good luck!

1. Define Your Price Point

It is important you know what is the budget you are willing to spend.

Research many options to gauge the standard price for your preferred style and carat weight. 

Don't get distracted by the color and weight upgrades. Every ring is beautiful, so stick to what you know you will be able to afford 

2. Her Hand

What does her hand look like? What will flatter it the most?

If she has very long, dainty fingers, anything higher than 1.5CT might look too big. Oval or any other elongated shape looks most elegant on elongated fingers.

If she has wider and shorter fingers, a 3-5 stone ring, as well as round or square stones, will give her the right amount of finger coverage, flattering her hand structure best.

3. Shape Is Personal

The most valuable part of the ring is the center stone. The shape of a diamond, not to be confused with the cut, is often considered to be the “personality” of the ring. 

Knowing your beloved’s style and translating that into a diamond shape is super important when selecting a ring.

Round, Cushion, Emerald, and Oval are the more traditional shapes,s and Marquise, Princess, and Radiant are often considered to be more modern and trendy.

4. Keep Her In Mind

Put your preferences aside and focus on what you think fits with her fashion and lifestyle best. 

Is she an introvert or an extrovert?

Is she on-trend?

What is her ever-day jewelry? 

What is her preferred metal?

 Does she mix?

What style is she: traditional or trendy? 

What type of jewelry does she have in her closet?

All of these questions will help us match a ring to her current style.

Meet us

Addressing all these needs to create something special and unique is where we come in. By meeting with us in person, you can learn even more that will lead you towards the most perfect choice for you, and her. 

Come in and meet with our engagement ring consulting team. We have a wide variety of engagement rings in stock to look at, try on, rule out options, and help you land the perfect ring!