The YAMA Method


If you are reading this, you must be pretty overwhelmed and unfamiliar with diamonds and fine jewelry. The options might feel confusing and stressful, particularly since it comes to such an important purchase. 

This is exactly why we created this page – to help you come down to a choice that is the perfect fit for you.

1. Set a budget

It's really important to begin the search when you KNOW your maximum budget to spend.

You may have heard the general rule that an engagement ring costs the equivalent of two months’ salary. Calculating what this sum is for you personally is a great way to begin budgeting. 

Also, looking at your options online will also help you plan the guidelines as you’ll be able to compare the prices of rings with your preferred style and carat weight. 

Know your limits and borders and stick to them while moving on to the actual shopping. The downhill is quick - each upgrade in color or weight is tempting, but once you set your limits rigidly, the search will be effective.

2. Her in mind

When searching for the right ring for her, try to put your own personal preferences in style color and look – aside, and focus on her desired style look and feel.

When coming to a meeting we would always ask a little about her daily life and hobbies.

Is she working in an office, and will love a big clingy look or is she working in a modest environment where a big stone or a wide finger coverage will make her feel awkward?

What is her preferred gold alloy? Does she wear a mix of metals? What's her favorite pieces of jewelry currently and what is the common base ground between all of them?

Our goal is to try to match a ring to her current style.

3. Shape is personal(ity)

When you buy an engagement ring, even if setting it with side stones, or any other extra detail - your most valuable part of the deal, will be the center stone.

Diamond shapes (not to be confused with cut) are often considered to be the “personality” behind the ring.

Understanding your beloved’s personal style, and translating that into a diamond shape is an important step when selecting a ring.

There are a lot of different diamond shapes - some of them are more traditional like Round, Cushion, Emerald or Oval. Others might be more trendy like Marquise, Princess and Radiant.

When you start your search, we would advise to get any inside information from her closest friend. Try to source that one common base ground of the center stone's shape. If there isn't one - we would advise to look for any mutual base ground from her choices such as – square-ish look, traditional look, elongated look, and choose a stone equivalent to those preferences.

4. Hand is important

After we figured out her most likely preferred shape, your budget, and her daily lifestyle – let’s mix between all these needs up and focus on what will flatter her the most.

What does her hand look like?

If she has very dainty fingers, anything higher than 1.50CT will probably look pretty massive on her.

If she has wide fingers - any 3 or 5 stones ring will give her fingers the right amount of coverage, and flatter her structure mostly.

Oval or any elongated diamond shapes also look very elegant on long fingers, and round or square stones look better on wide finger structure. 

Consider the large faces of Oval, Cushion, Princess, and Radiant rings for the ultimate eye-catching engagement ring.

Mixing all those need up and creating something truly special, is where we come in. We have a lot of advise to share when meeting in person and leading you towards the accurate choice for you, and her.

Meet us

We would love to guide you through the process on a personal meeting one on one with our engagement ring consulting team.

We have a wide verity of engagement rings in stock to help you see in your own eyes how all options look, and what do they feel like.