Giving Back

Giving Back

I grew up knowing that no matter what- family and community always comes first.

I was taught that success should be measured by positive impact. Giving back is meaningful when you give with zero expectation of getting something in return, no instant recognition.


Giving back to society not only makes us generous, but gives us a chance of purpose.

We are giving 5% of profits to causes that matter to us.

This is where you come in: every piece acquired brings us closer to our goal of making a small difference in the world.


She Codes

the women developers community in Israel. They strive to help women integrate into and advance in the high-tech world.

Women's Spirit

Ruach Nashit – for Women Victims of Violence is an Israeli Amruta that offers women victims of domestic violence the tools and support with which to become financially independent.


a non-profit organization operating in Israel aimed at assisting families in financial difficulty so that they may regain their economic independence.

Suggest A Cause

Just as you’ve supported us, we want to support the causes that have impacted you.

If you have a cause you are inspired to support, shoot us an email with a little about the organization and the story of why it matters to you. 

We select new charities from recommendations every quarter. Come back and visit this page for updates on our supported organizations.